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How can Sunshine Help YOUR Family?

Caring for an aging parent takes time and commitment. We want our parents to be well cared for, to have their needs met, to feel loved, and not abandoned.

The problem is that LIFE GETS BUSY! As Boomers and Gen Xers it can be hard to find time in the day to care for our parents, raise our children, find time for our careers, and find time for partners, friends and selfcare. We are called the sandwich generation for a reason, we are sandwiched in between caring for our kids and our parents.

We feel like there aren't enough hours in the day or enough helping hands available to get it all done.

That's where we come in. We can be that extra helping hand, or "Rent a Daughter" as many like to call us, when you just need someone to help care for you aging parent. We offer a variety of services and can cater a program to your needs.

Companion Care

We enjoy spending time with clients, we go in and check on them, and then do something that they enjoy with them. It could be as simple as having a visit so they don't feel so lonely, we could take them out for a walk in the fresh air. We could play a game, do a craft... what is it that they your parents would enjoy? Generally our visits our 1- 2 hours in length and we set a schedule to go in as often as you feel is necessary.

Dementia Care


Doctor Visits

We can be your eyes and ears at a doctor's appointment. We pick them up, and go into the doctor with them. We ask any questions that you have, or that seem relevant during the appointment, take notes and then report back to you. Many of our clients find this VERY helpful as mom and dad often forget what to ask, and either can't hear the answer or can't understand the answer and then promptly forget the answer before they get back to the car lol.

Shopping and General Errands

We can shop for your loved one (if they are unable to do it) or we can take them shopping so they can make the selections themselves. We also can take them to do errands. This could include things like getting their haircut, going to the bank, or other things they may need done.

Things that we are unable to do at this time

Out of town visits or appointments

House Cleaning


Personal Care (showering etc) we leave this up the the homecare aids.

We try hard to meet the needs of our clients, if there is something that you need, that isn't listed about, please don't hesitate to ask me (Linda: 403-393-6528).

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