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Meet the Face Behind Sunshine 

And how we became The Rent a Daughters

Hello.  My name is Linda Campbell, thank you for visiting.   I started Sunshine Senior Services 6 years ago because I saw a real need in and around Lethbridge.  

I have always been a caregiver in my family and career.  As my parents were aging and being moved into assisted living facilities, I would often be asked by the other residents in the facility or even by other members of my family if I could help them get to this place, or do that task.  Friends would often comment to my parents that they wished they had a daughter around like me to help them.

The idea developed to start Sunshine Senior Services - and soon the "Rent a Daughter" concept became a reality.  

Here's the thing.  As our parents or loved ones start to age, we want to be there for them, and we want them to be taken care of.  But we can't always be around to do it in person.  Often our careers and lives have caused us to move away, or just cause us to be busy during doctors appointments etc and that makes it difficult to be there.

That's where we come in, we can be that "rent a daughter" and extra pair of hands when you aren't able to be there in person for your mom and dad.  At Sunshine, we are daughters first.  We will treat your loved one with kindness, and respect just like we would treat our own parents.

Give my a call, or join our Facebook Page for more information or if you'd like to explore the option of how Sunshine can best serve your family.  

With Appreciation,


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